Function & Good Design: Modern Furniture & Lifestyles & How We Live

As the economy and lifestyles change the need for combining purposes within the home to save space is a necessity. Modern furniture has always been a minimalist and innovative design strategy.  Society looks to modern furniture as a good investment of their home goods because of its timeless design and quality.

Modern furniture has been notorious for space saving ideas. The innovations in its multi-purposes, function, and appealing design make it the perfect solution to any size space. The consumer struggles with the concept of cost verses need. The great thing with modern furniture is its ability to mesh well with all design tastes and style.

When shopping for furniture pieces and accessories there are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Evaluate your space. Look at how you use the space and what will best serve your needs.

2. Make sure to measure and size the main pieces that are already in the room. An associate will be able to help you configure how new pieces can fit with the existing ones in your home.

3. Be realistic about your lifestyle. Do you have pets and children where you need items that have fabric guard and stain resistant fabrics and upholstery?

4. Research what you want, styles, and bring in photos of pieces that you admire that you could see in your space. This will help the associates find the accessories and furniture that will match those styles.

5. And lastly, take pictures of the space you are shopping for. This will help with furniture selection and showing the associate what other pieces exist in the room.

Need some ideas for space saving design?

Here are some items that Houseworks highlights as great modern multi-purpose pieces.

If you have tall ceilings yet a small area to fill, tall skinny shelving helps with storage and uses the height of the ceiling to store items upwards. This also draws the eye to the awesome height of the ceiling.

When it comes to entertaining, space is hard to give up. However with the Fusion table function and space saving is what this table is all about. With its sleek elegant design, state of the art engineering and exceptional quality, it excels in adding multidimensionality to home entertainment.

The table shifts seamlessly from a pure design object, into a roomy Get2Gether dining table, transformable in seconds into a game table or a quality billiard table to accompany your after dinner drinks. As such, this innovative Dining Room Concept makes inviting, lounging or cocooning at home a truly entertaining experience.

If you are working with a large room and want to divide it into multi-spaces the Zen Bookcase with its open back makes a perfect room divider and storage unit.

The Europa is a stacking unit to create variety in space and added storage.  Area rugs are a great way to delineate space with their variety in color, shape and texture. The Pebble Chamois and the Pencil rugs are fresh and sophisticated.

Looking to simplify your electrical clutter in your office space? The Sequel Desk has a drawer to dock your cell phone, ipod, etc. with a matching storage unit and multiple configurations to customize your space for your needs.

When walking through your office, kitchen and mudroom there are always needs for organization. Hanging organizers such as the spice board, magnetter, cubby organizer, cook nook, and conceal shelf create variety and layering while simplifying the need for organization and storage. These are pieces that you will be happy to display to guests as innovative design elements to your home.

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