Understanding Leather

Marks of Quality Leather

Leather is the fastest growing upholstery material in the United States. Leather has an average life span four times greater than fabric coverings.

Top Grain vs. Full Grain: “Top Grain” leather is the top 3/64” of a hide. Because of its strength and beauty, this supple layer is the standard of upholstery leather.

Occassionally, top grain leathers are buffed or sanded to remove excess markings. This process also removes the beautiful natural graining found in leather.

Oh the other hand, “full grain” leather is a top grain hide which has not been buffed or sanded. The grain and natural markings, which many consider the hallmarks of fine leather, remain. Because it is the most beautiful and sensuous of all top grain leathers, “full grain” leather is the premier leather grade.

Cattle Lead an Unsheltered Life: Cattle encounter a variety of nature’s elements in their search for food. Grazing often brings the animals in contact with trees, bushes and barbed wire which can leave scratches and scars on the hide.

2010 Color Trends

With the economy in its current state, the public has become very cautious about spending. So in some ways it is not surprising to hear some of the color predictions for the year of 2010.  With people wanting to stay home more, their desire to select more uplifting, pulsating colors has increased.

So what are some of the colors that are hot for this year? Teal, Peacock, and Royal blue are on the palette. With people trying to spend wisely they are purchasing furniture that is timeless and in neutral colors. However an inexpensive way to brighten a space at a lower cost is through bright colors in paint and accessories. These blues were predicted for this year because of the way in which the blues compliment the oranges of 2009. The economy and our spirits may be down, however selecting bright colors tends to lend peace and happiness into our hectic lives.

If blue isn’t your scene there are a few more color palettes that might interest you more. Another surprising color is Purple/Lavender. It is suggested that layering purple, lavender and maroon creates a great contrast. Then to accessorize with metallics such as throws, tabletop pieces, or artwork will create a new visual vibe with purple. And if purple just isn’t quite you-for the romantics pink is also a hot color for the year. Deep pinks layered with pastel pinks can create a very warm sophisticated space. Looking for accessories with metallics and furniture pieces with sharp edges and smooth lines will compliment the pinks.

For those that still want to keep on the safe side with neutral hues, soft greens are a great way to go. Reminiscent of the environmental greens, soft diluted greens with similar value soft yellows create a serene environment. To add a little spice to the space, add a pastel turquoise or robin egg blue to the mix to give you a layered palette to work with. Furniture, accessories, art or lighting are all items that can be used for layering. Accessorizing with muted brushed metallics, deep woods and wrought iron complete the natural looking space.

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