When shopping for the next “tool” for your kitchen does the thoughts of “Where am I going to store this in the kitchen?” or “Do I REALLY need this?” Often times we are lured to the next and greatest however they are not always designed with practicality. Houseworks is a firm believer in items that make sense, design to function and are aesthetically pleasing.

We recently purchased products from a company called JosephJoseph. With the bright colors, streamlined design and ingenuity of each item we knew we had to share this great find! These products are intuitive and pay close attention to form follows function. The company was founded by twin brothers, Richard and Antony Joseph (thus the name) whose company base is in London.  Their housewares designs focus on functionality and quality and are pieces you are proud to display on your countertops!

We wanted to highlight some of the products that we have featured in our store. To take the time to really understand the form and function of these pieces make them even more phenomenal. And to make things even greater, they are all dishwasher safe!

Index-has the best design in regards to form and function. Cutting boards are color coded for the food type intention. Stylish storage case contains four individual chopping boards.

Chop2Pot-is exactly as it states. It is an innovative chopping board. When the handle is squeezed it forms a chute for easy pouring.


Orb-the sleek sturdy design for this pestle and mortar creates two receptacles for grinding herbs and spices. Made from non-absorbent vitrified porcelain keeps odors from remaining in the vessel.

Orb & Pestle

Elevate-eliminates the need for a spoon rest. The tool head is heat resistant up to 480 degrees and includes an ergonomic soft grip handle.


Digital Scale-resting the integrated measuring bowl on the unit and it is ready to weigh. It measures in gram, lb, oz., fl. oz., and ml. The max capacity is 11 lbs.

Digital Scale

Hands On- is a striking design. A pair of hand-like salad servers attach into the contours of the design of the bowl.

Hands On

Below are a few more items but we don’t want to spoil the surprise. Come into Houseworks and see how the multi-functionality of JosephJoseph will work in your kitchen.These make perfect gifts as well!

Magnetic Measuring Spoons


Folding Collander

Salad Bowl & Servers

Salt & Pepper

Scoop Collander