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Come in for a test drive!

With gorgeous lines and precision tuning, Comfort Recliner™ is the BMW of seating. It brings on relaxation so fast, you’ll never sit anywhere else. Ten reasons why you can only truly relax in a Comfort Recliner from Houseworks:

Size matters


Goldilocks knew one size did not fit all. Test drive Comfort Recliner’s three sizes for your ideal fit; they all come with the Infinity System, a unique weight-balanced mechanism that allows for infinite back-reclining positions.

It’s a gas


The unique, gas-assisted footrest allows for smooth, infinite adjustment by gently pulling the Comfort Release.

It suits you

Your car seat adjusts, why shouldn’t your chair? Comfort Recliner has hidden tension knobs, easily accessible beneath the chair, to fine tune resistance in the back recline.

You’re in control….


The back recline and footrest in the Comfort Recliner are fully independent of each other, giving you complete control.

…when you’re in the driver’s seat


The contoured shell back envelopes you for added comfort while showcasing a clean, tailored look.

You’ll step on the gas…


Comfort Recliner’s extra-long footrest extension with chaise ottoman eliminates gaps and provides complete leg support, no matter how tall you are.

…to get ahead.


The headrest pillow can be raised for complete head and neck support and you can articulate it forward to watch TV.

Ride low or sit tall.

Comfort Recliner’s proprietary, height-adjustable swivel base allows you to set your chair at the height that fits you best, five turns = 1 inch.

Check out all the options


Choose from leathers and designer prints, family and pet-friendly fabric and the popular Ultrasuede®. Bases vary, too: Pick from wood, metal or upholstered bases and wood legs in Acorn, Espresso and Walnut finishes.

You’ll win in the future… and when you order now

There’s even a 10-year warranty on the internal mechanism and a lifetime frame warranty. We’re so comfy recommending the Comfort Recliner—and lounging in it—that Houseworks will give you $200 off through June 16. Don’t Mom, Dad and your furniture-poor grad deserve a quality winner like this?

Affordable, stylish and worry-free

We know that many of our customers are looking for sustainable furniture that’s certified free from toxins and irresponsible practices. And that what you sit on should be nothing short of fabulous! That’s why we love this new collection of eco-friendly, Old-World-Style-meets-MidCentury Modern sofas and chairs.


Designer Carl Gustafson scopes out flea markets for vintage finds, then updates their comfort, colors and proportions for modern living spaces. When you add pieces like the Swivelette chair and the Arcadia sofa you’ll:

  • Thumb your nose at Big Oil. Clever pieces like the Arcadia contain foam created from soy-based BiOH polyols that leave a smaller environmental footprint than the petroleum materials they replace.
  • Breathe easier. Sustainable upholstery meets globally uniform standards for the safe use of chemicals to guard your indoor air quality.
  • Give trees a hug. Carl’s pieces use certified wood from U.S. manufacturers that follow sustainable forestry practices.


This green line of upholstered seating is approved by the Sustainable Furnishings Council. But let’s get to the fun part: Houseworks’ design consultants will help you choose from 88 fabrics to create sofa and chair combinations that will rock your world.  So hurry in. Check out our in-store models, and their very friendly price tags. Then order from Carl Gustafson’s entire line.

Watch this space for more eco-friendly Houseworks home furnishings to enhance your mean green lifestyle.