Standing Ovation

Us grownups spend a lot of time at our desks. Did you know that about 95% of your working day is spent sitting down? But, the popularity of standing desk solutions is on the rise (pun intended).

So what’s the big deal about standing vs. sitting? Sitting down for extended periods of time (like for 95% of your work day) can cause lower back pain, low blood circulation and less oxygen to your muscles which causes soreness, fatigue and cramping. Oh my. Did you know that standing for just 2 hours of your day can burn up to 340 calories? Sign me up! (Incase you were doing the math, a Snickers bar only has 250 calories…) Standing desks also increase productivity because you don’t have to halt working to walk around to get the blood flowing. You just stand up and continue the task(s) at hand.

At Houseworks, we genuinely search out the best products for our customers. We like a nice quality piece that is easy on the eyes. We rejoiced when we started carrying this particular brand.

Are you sitting down? Meet the Float Desk by Humanscale. Let me touch on some key points for you to sum up the reason we carry this particular desk:

  • One squeeze of a lever easily raises and lowers this desk. It glides like butter and locks into place (AKA, you won’t spill your coffee raising it up). No electric required. Just good ol’ physics and a simple design.
  • It’s here for the long haul. Because this baby is made mostly of recycled steel, it’s very durable.
  • It comes in adjustable widths and depths
  • Available in a variety of different base and top colors to match any office decor
  • The simple design has only legs on the sides…. which means you’re free to kick your legs out and get cozy while you kick your To Do List’s butt.

HOUSEWORKS | Standing Desk

HOUSEWORKS | Standing Desk

We also have another standing desk option if you’re in the market for a different style. This Sequel Wall Desk from BDI is a bit more permanent since it is fixed to the wall by a simple mounting bracket. You can pick the height you want it but no moving it around unless you’re really speedy at patching drywall. With this beauty, if you wanted to sit down at your stand-up desk, you’d just get a counter-height chair. Lucky for you we have a nice selection of those too! And it easily stores your mess-of-cords behind the wall panel that easily pops off for quick access.

HOUSEWORKS | Standing Desk

HOUSEWORKS | Standing Desk
Our office furniture is on our second level. Pop in to the store and take a peek.

Tick Tock!

It’s that special time in Indiana when there seems to be a little more sunlight in our days and we are wearing our winter coats less and less. Hoping that each time we do bundle up, that it is the season’s last. This also means that Daylight Saving Time is upon us. This Sunday actually.

I know. I know. That one precious hour really does seem to make a difference…especially if you have young children that didn’t get the memo. Melatonin anyone?

This does get us thinking though. A clock can be a great focal point to any room. Some are quirky, classic, colorful and some are just perfect for a kitchen. So if you don’t have one or if you’re needing to fill that space on the wall, we think it’s high time (pun intended) you grab yourselves the missing piece to your wall decor.

Here is a nice little sample assortment for you. We do have more at the store, so stop in and take peruse until you find one that meets your fancy.

Wall Clocks at HOUSEWORKS  Indy

  1. Miniforms Wall Clock, Clock | This one literally spells it out for you. It’s a clock, and it’s a bright little convo starter. $359
  2. Newgate “The Putney” | So we have a thing for red. And army time. $169
  3. Newgate “The Cookhouse” | Some clocks are just destined to be a fixture in the kitchen. This one comes in multiple colors so it will definitely fit your current scheme. $104
  4. BAI “Designer” | Big. Bold. Classic. It really is just lovely, isn’t it? $44
  5. Umbra “Elapse” | We love the simplicity of this one. It’s black and extra glossy. $84
  6. Miniforms “Box Wall Clock” | We have this one in yellow. It’s perfectly square with a little bit of something extra for that quirky little flare. $308
  7. Miniforms “Bull” | The jokes around this one pretty much write themselves. Perfect for man-caves, kitchens, your mother-in-law… $198
  8. BAI “Numeric Two” | If counting isn’t your forte, this one might be the one for you. Don’t default to digital. You too can learn to tell time without checking your mobile. $44

Don’t forget to spring forward this Sunday!