A few months back. HOUSEWORKS was asked to take part in a feature by Kit Magazine. Kit used one of our mid-century modern sofas as the common denominator, and had three area designers change up the space by putting their personal touch to it. Naturally, Houseworks’ own, Dustin Polster, brought a magnificent modern touch to the table.

The great thing about our staple pieces: They last. They will outlast the trends that circle around, and the clean-lines will always be in style. Financially (and fashionably) it just makes sense to purchase a piece that will be with you for the long haul, and change up the accessories to add different pops of color and tastes for your difference seasons of life.

Houseworks | houseworks.biz

Houseworks | houseworks.biz

Houseworks | houseworks.biz

PILLOW TALK  |  Start with a neutral palette of browns and grays in your anchor pieces and brighten them up with colorful accessories. The patterned pillow brings texture and movement to the unembellished couch, while the bright, solid pillow carries the pop of color.

JUST-RIGHT HEIGHT  |  Bear in mind these theories to furniture heights: The end tables should be lower than the arms of your couch, and your chair back should be as high or higher than your sofa back.

TOES IN THE SAND |  The Ronaldo rug in “sand” is a best seller at Houseworks. The shag-loomed makeup treats feet to a whole new level of softness. It’s a welcome contrast to hard-edged wood and glass.

INSTANT ENERGY  |  Floral arrangements, such as these calla lilies from McNamara Florist, give your space freshness and energy. To make blooms a part of your regular living room decor, think staying power. Ask your favorite florist for a recommendation on which flowers last longer.


Dustin started at Houseworks as a stock boy while going to school at IUPUI. Years later, he has worked his way up to design consultant and assistant manager for the modern furniture store. With two kids under 3, his home stays stripped down and childproofed, so here, he designed a living room that he’d love to have once his kids grow a little older.