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A few months back. HOUSEWORKS was asked to take part in a feature by Kit Magazine. Kit used one of our mid-century modern sofas as the common denominator, and had three area designers change up the space by putting their personal touch to it. Naturally, Houseworks’ own, Dustin Polster, brought a magnificent modern touch to the table.

The great thing about our staple pieces: They last. They will outlast the trends that circle around, and the clean-lines will always be in style. Financially (and fashionably) it just makes sense to purchase a piece that will be with you for the long haul, and change up the accessories to add different pops of color and tastes for your difference seasons of life.

Houseworks |

Houseworks |

Houseworks |

PILLOW TALK  |  Start with a neutral palette of browns and grays in your anchor pieces and brighten them up with colorful accessories. The patterned pillow brings texture and movement to the unembellished couch, while the bright, solid pillow carries the pop of color.

JUST-RIGHT HEIGHT  |  Bear in mind these theories to furniture heights: The end tables should be lower than the arms of your couch, and your chair back should be as high or higher than your sofa back.

TOES IN THE SAND |  The Ronaldo rug in “sand” is a best seller at Houseworks. The shag-loomed makeup treats feet to a whole new level of softness. It’s a welcome contrast to hard-edged wood and glass.

INSTANT ENERGY  |  Floral arrangements, such as these calla lilies from McNamara Florist, give your space freshness and energy. To make blooms a part of your regular living room decor, think staying power. Ask your favorite florist for a recommendation on which flowers last longer.


Dustin started at Houseworks as a stock boy while going to school at IUPUI. Years later, he has worked his way up to design consultant and assistant manager for the modern furniture store. With two kids under 3, his home stays stripped down and childproofed, so here, he designed a living room that he’d love to have once his kids grow a little older.

What can we create for you?

Got a challenge? Bring it on!

Our design specialists can map out an Italian wall system to give you a gallery, a library, a media wall — a solution to any storage challenge.

Click here for design help.

Endless space and storage solutions are possible with our new line of modern Italian cabinetry. For instance:

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Reclining into Comfort

Ella Recliner

For people who take their relaxation seriously
Life continues to become more and more hectic and the pursuit of a comfortable retreat in the home is becoming more and more demanding. Upon coming home you want a place where you can relax the back, put your feet up and place yourself somewhere you can enjoy lounging and cuddling with a warm blanket. Houseworks has researched some of the best solutions for these needs. American Leather provides some of the most luxurious recliners. These are not your standard “I have three positions” I can sit in. These recliners are as customizable as the individual needs of the person who uses them. Click here to view all of the Houseworks recliners!


We highly recommend coming into the store and trying out the various styles that Houseworks provides in recliners however to get you started here are a few quick highlights!

Independent back and footrest operation.

Now you can lean back and relax without having to engage the ottoman thanks to the Comfort Recliner’s independent back and footrest. When you recline, the weight-balanced mechanism moves with you, so you can lean back almost effortlessly, no need to push on the arms. The amount of resistance in the back can be adjusted using two hidden tension knobs located beneath the chair.

A footrest that’s better than other recliners.

The Comfort Recliner’s gas cylinder-assist footrest stops in any position without clicking or ratcheting. Pull the stainless steel lever to raise the chaise-style ottoman to your desired position. In the open position, the chair has an elegant footrest extension that hides all mechanical linkages and accentuates the full-length ottoman.

A two-way headrest system.

The Comfort Recliner headrest adjusts in two ways to get you to your perfect position. Find the ultimate movie-watching position by pulling the back forward. And for complete head and neck support, a simple up and down movement adjusts the headrest height without any visible hardware.

Available in three sizes.

In the quest for ultimate personalized comfort one size does not fit all. Every Comfort Recliner™ is available in the Infinity 5, the Infinity 7 or the Infinity 9 to accommodate the differences in height, weight and personal preferences. Try all three sizes and pick the perfect chair for you.

Design your perfect look too.

American Leather offers a wide range of fabrics and leathers. Their leather is among the finest in the world: full aniline dyed for beauty, softness, and a supple hand. There are hundreds of fabric options including designer prints, family and pet-friendly fabric and the popular Ultrasuede®.

You can also choose from a variety of base options. The height-adjustable round base is offered in stainless steel, three wood finishes, or upholster it with any fabric or leather. For a more traditional look, choose the four legs option, available in Walnut, Acorn, and Espresso finish.

Relax with a great warranty.

American Leather provides a 10 year warranty on the internal mechanism and lifetime warranty on the frame of the Comfort Recliner.

To sit, to sleep, to dream.

A home furnishing jewel Houseworks is proud to display in the store is the American Leather Comfort Sleeper. The sleepers blend comfort & style with Function & Fashion. An enduring value, American Leather builds furniture that provides years of trouble-free service. And should something go wrong, your Comfort Sleeper mechanism is warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for three years.

Sweet dreams are made of these.

American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper is like no other. Rated as a best value by Consumers Digest, and a top pick by the editors of Apartment Therapy, this is the only sofa sleeper worthy of the name.  With over 350 covering choices and six bed sizes, there is one for every space need.

Below are some quick tips on the American Leather Sleeper Sofa:

  • Available in King, Queen, Queen Plus, Full, Twin, Cot Sizes or Sectionals.
  • Mattresses are 80 inches long, 8 inches longer than average sleepers.
  • Patented Tiffany 24/7™ platform sleep system is designed without bars or springs for a more comfortable bed.
  • Patented design minimizes the mattresses’ length when open, giving you more sleep surface while using less floor space.
  • The only sleeper mattress protected by Crypton® fabric, a waterproof, stain-proof covering that resists allergens and dust mites.

  • Under-carriage dust barrier protects the mattress from dirt.
  • Unique engineering allows the sleeper to fit in narrow doorways and hallways – as small as 27 inches.
  • Choose regular or firm high-density foam, or a mattress. This comfort sleeper is the only sofa sleeper available with this revolutionary sleep technology.

Comfort Sofa Sleeper Styles

More sleep space requires less floor space. The patented Comfort Sleeper mechanism folds out from the back of the sofa. When the bed is open, it takes up as much as 9 inches less floor space than a conventional sleeper. And the Comfort Sleeper is the only sleeper with 80-inch mattresses in King, Queen, Queen Plus, Twin XL and Cot sizes, just like all the beds in your home. Conventional sleepers are only 70 to 75 inches long.

Feeling is believing.

With no bars, no springs and the patented Tiffany 24/7™ sleep system, you can enjoy a bed that is comfortable enough to sleep on every night. Based on European sleep systems, this mattress features five inches of high-density foam for excellent ergonomic support.

Clean & simple.

The Comfort Sleeper mattress is the only sleeper mattress covered with Crypton™ fabric, a waterproof, stain-proof covering that also protects against dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria and allergens. There’s no cleaner way to sleep. The waterproof and stain proof covering adds years to the life of the mattress and ensures that the bed is fresh every time you open it.

Dust barrier prevents dirt or dust from every touching the mattress. Every Comfort Sleeper is protected by a cloth under shield. When guests arrive, your Comfort Sleeper mattress will fold out without any dust bunnies clinging to the mechanism. they’ll never experience a cleaner sleep.

Tempur-Pedic® option.

Choose regular or firm high-density foam mattress, or the revolutionary Tempur-Pedic mattress.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses create a custom fit for your body, virtually eliminating painful pressure points & greatly reducing your body’s need to toss and turn.

Small space saver.

Narrow hallways and doors? No problem. With a few simple adjustments the sleeper can fit through a passage just 27 inches wide.

Choices. Choices. Choices.

With over 80 leathers and 350 fabric options, the Comfort Sleeper can help you create a look you love. The leathers available are among the finest available: full aniline-dyed for beauty, softness and a supple hand. Fabrics include ultra-durable microfibers, beautiful velvets, boucles and selection of high-fashion prints.

Preview of Fabric & Leather swatches

Children and/or pets?

Child and Pet Proof

For families with kids and pets, we have stain-resistant, easy-to-clean leathers and microfiber fabrics, perfect for busy families with active lifestyles.

The only true King sofa sleeper with 80 inches long and 76 inches wide, is built with no springs, no bars and no sagging. The Comfort Sleeper is also available as a stationary sofa, love seat, chair, swivel recliner, ottoman and double – wide storage ottoman.


Introducing a great new configuration, the Queen Plus chaise is a sectional with an extra bonus. Under the chaise you will find a handy, removable storage ottoman. Available with right- or left-arm chaise configuration.

Now with sectional choices.

Go ahead and put your feet up. Stretch out and relax with friends. No one will guess the beautiful sectional in your living room is really a sofa sleeper. The Comfort Sleeper sectional is available in two different configurations. Choose the chaise with storage ottoman option, or the longer and roomier Comfort

Sleeper L-shaped sectional, both available only with a Queen Plus sleeper.

Complete your room.

Finish your room design with matching stationary furniture. All of the Comfort Sleeper collections have complementary chairs, recliners, sofas and love seats to help you create a beautiful room. Mix and match leather and fabric for a sophisticated look.

Understanding Leather

Marks of Quality Leather

Leather is the fastest growing upholstery material in the United States. Leather has an average life span four times greater than fabric coverings.

Top Grain vs. Full Grain: “Top Grain” leather is the top 3/64” of a hide. Because of its strength and beauty, this supple layer is the standard of upholstery leather.

Occassionally, top grain leathers are buffed or sanded to remove excess markings. This process also removes the beautiful natural graining found in leather.

Oh the other hand, “full grain” leather is a top grain hide which has not been buffed or sanded. The grain and natural markings, which many consider the hallmarks of fine leather, remain. Because it is the most beautiful and sensuous of all top grain leathers, “full grain” leather is the premier leather grade.

Cattle Lead an Unsheltered Life: Cattle encounter a variety of nature’s elements in their search for food. Grazing often brings the animals in contact with trees, bushes and barbed wire which can leave scratches and scars on the hide.

2010 Color Trends

With the economy in its current state, the public has become very cautious about spending. So in some ways it is not surprising to hear some of the color predictions for the year of 2010.  With people wanting to stay home more, their desire to select more uplifting, pulsating colors has increased.

So what are some of the colors that are hot for this year? Teal, Peacock, and Royal blue are on the palette. With people trying to spend wisely they are purchasing furniture that is timeless and in neutral colors. However an inexpensive way to brighten a space at a lower cost is through bright colors in paint and accessories. These blues were predicted for this year because of the way in which the blues compliment the oranges of 2009. The economy and our spirits may be down, however selecting bright colors tends to lend peace and happiness into our hectic lives.

If blue isn’t your scene there are a few more color palettes that might interest you more. Another surprising color is Purple/Lavender. It is suggested that layering purple, lavender and maroon creates a great contrast. Then to accessorize with metallics such as throws, tabletop pieces, or artwork will create a new visual vibe with purple. And if purple just isn’t quite you-for the romantics pink is also a hot color for the year. Deep pinks layered with pastel pinks can create a very warm sophisticated space. Looking for accessories with metallics and furniture pieces with sharp edges and smooth lines will compliment the pinks.

For those that still want to keep on the safe side with neutral hues, soft greens are a great way to go. Reminiscent of the environmental greens, soft diluted greens with similar value soft yellows create a serene environment. To add a little spice to the space, add a pastel turquoise or robin egg blue to the mix to give you a layered palette to work with. Furniture, accessories, art or lighting are all items that can be used for layering. Accessorizing with muted brushed metallics, deep woods and wrought iron complete the natural looking space.

We have some links that may help in your color selection.

Upload your own pics and see how Sherwin-Williams colors will look in your space!

Pantone provides tips according to the mood you are interested in conveying in your space.

How to Choose the Perfect Home Theater Furniture

With home entertainment, there is an emphasis on the want for a unit that displays all of the electronic components in a stylish and attractive way. We have some tips that might help in the planning and shopping experience for a home entertainment unit.

The first step is to take a good look at all of the electronics and items that compose your home entertainment system. Make sure you note the width of your television and the base that it rests on. You definitely want a unit that is as wide or wider than your television. Also keep in mind that most TVs weigh 75-150 pounds while receivers and multi-disc changers can weigh up to 40 pounds. Look for furniture that includes structural supports and that all glass is tempered. Make a list of all of the items that will be housed in the unit. For example, DVD, CD player, cable box, DVR, gaming console, center-channel speaker, sound bar, subwoofer, or media storage, just to name a few. Also keep in mind room for additional spots as your system may grow.

When shopping for your design style, natural wood finishes fit well with traditional and contemporary styles. Steel, glass, and gloss finishes provide a contemporary look for a space. The home theater furniture can be one of the biggest pieces of furniture in the room and often times can set the tone of the space.

Another feature to keep in mind is whether you want your system closed or open. Open shelving will put your theater system on display giving a contemporary appearance and allowing easy access to the front components. An enclosed cabinet allows the system to stay cleaner but make sure there is plenty of room for the pieces to stay ventilated as they create a lot of heat. The enclosed cabinet also allows the TV to be the star of the space.

Keep in mind where you want the unit to be placed in the room before shopping. Corner TV cabinets or models that swivel make a smart use of space. Think about how the TV will be viewed, whether it is from a sofa, desk, or in the bedroom. When positioning the TV, make sure it is at eye level to minimize neck strain. Most sofas sit people 18-22 inches off of the floor, placing the eye level at 40-48 inches. In the bedroom or office, the TV should be higher to raise it for a seated position or to be viewed above the foot of the bed.

When searching for features, look for adjustable shelves so that your unit can change over time as necessary. Always have easy access to the rear of your components and connections. Also keep a look out for wheels for easy movement and/or removable back panels to help with maintenance.

The best home theater management system has an integrated wire management system that allows you to interconnect your components while keeping the cables controlled and out of site. And don’t forget a glass front on the unit so that you can close the doors and still use your remote control.

Hopefully some of these suggestions will better help you in your search for your home entertainment system. One of our companies that we have always been very happy with has some tools online that can be really helpful in your search. Visit and it will help you select models that would fit your needs.


Is the thought of selecting lighting overwhelming and unappealing? We have a few tips that could make the process a little bit easier.

When looking for lighting you need to decide what type of lighting will best serve the space. Is the lighting for ambience (mood lighting), task (such as reading or computer work), direct lighting for highlighting an art piece, or general lighting?

The next step before purchasing lighting is understanding the terminology when it comes to A19, CFL, fluorescent, incandescent and LED. Understanding these terms will help in the decision process in cost, convenience and color of light. The lighting company Sylvania has a great website to review some of these tips.

To begin the lighting palette it is good to start with ambient lighting. This is your general lighting. It is the overall light that illuminates the space. This is composed of  recessed, table and floor lamps. The type of bulb that is selected determines the mood of the space.

Incandescent lighting-best described as the standard-A19 lamps, creates a warm glow in a space. LEDs (light emitting diode) and CFL’s (compact fluroescents) are great alternatives for the A19. They can be used in a variety of fixtures such as chandeliers, ceiling fans, recessed lights and bathroom vanities. They work will with dimmer switches and 3-ways lamps which are a great way to cut back on energy usage and cost. CFL’s also create a warm, white light for any space. I have used CFLs at home in table lamps and outdoor lighting and they have lasted for a year. Below are some additional benefits to CFLs.


  • Provide the same amount of light as an ordinary bulb, but uses about 75 percent less energy
  • Generate approximately 75 percent less heat, cutting home cooling costs
  • Last up to 10 times longer than a standard incandescent bulb
  • Saves about $30 in energy costs over each bulb’s lifetime.
  • (Source: ENERGY STAR®)

According to the website, one 20 Watt CFL (replaces a 75 Watt incandescent bulb) will save you $66 dollars over the life of  the bulb (based on $.12 KWH). Replace one 100 Watt incandescent bulb with a 25 Watt CFL and save a whopping $74 dollars over the life of the bulb (hey – that’s 21 extra Mocha Latte’s).

LEDs can also be a cost effective and earth friendly alternative as well. LEDs run on an electronic chip. They are energy efficient because they consume less power by reducing the load on the electrical system. They are a low voltage light however they are rated for 100,000 hours. Incandescent lights are rated for only 3,000 hrs. LEDs are also attractive because they produce little, if any heat and can be left on for hours.

Fluorescent lights illuminate larger areas because they can achieve a higher illumination level than incandescent. Fluorescents also last 6 times longer than incandescent (A19) lamps. Fluorescent lighting does not give off heat which could help with heat savings. The only downside to fluorscent lighting is that they do flicker at times and create a low humming noise.

There are alot of options to consider when looking at lamps and what effect they have on a space. However, the more you become familiar with lamps and the type of light they emit , the more likely you are to find the pieces that will give you the desired effect you want and need.

Task lighting is as it states, it is used for a specific purpose to get a job done. A desk lamp is a perfect example of task lighting.

Direct lighting is what is selected to highlight artwork or items in the home creating a centralized focus on the pieces.

Houseworks has a large selection of unique lighting that meets todays aesthetic and energy efficient needs. Our sales people will be glad to answer any questions you may have and help you in making the decisions you need for your space.

Home Office-Dare to go there….

If you are like most people, your vision of a home office is quite different then what currently resides at your residence. Piles of bills sprinkled amongst more piles of “I’ll get to that later” papers. The thought of looking for something on your desk is enough to give you a migraine and the hopes that the maid will magically appear and organize your collection.

Although we cannot claim to change habits, we may be able to help with some ideas for home offices. What is amazing about the pieces that we carry is the ability to customize them to fit your specific needs.

The Sequel Desk is comfortable & inviting. Designed with an emphasis on ergonomics and organization, Sequel Office is a versatile and beautiful component collection offering the ultimate in style, function and flexibility for any home or small office application.

  • Magnetically attached panels conceal power cords and cables, yet flip down for easy access
  • The Return ships with a front panel only, however the Desk also includes a back panel that may be used with either the Desk or Return
  • Desk drawer combines a full featured keyboard tray w/ a unique deeper compartment engineered for charging cell phones, cameras, & other personal electronics.
  • Cables are kept organized with Sequel’s innovative wire management.
  • Drawer bottom & keyboard tray lined with black, non-slip neoprene that also functions as a mouse pad.

Custom Features without Custom Prices!

A customer may bring in room dimensions so that with an exclusive Computer assisted design system a sales associate may customize an ideal design that may be viewed in 3d prior to making the final commitment.
Whether you work at home or in corporate office, your desk reflects who you are. Jesper Office desks are made from real wood veneer and come in a wide variety of shapes including executive desks, u-shaped desks, L-shaped desks, and corner desks.
Desks are available in small, medium, large and extra large.
A wide selection of shapes fit any room.
Made with real wood veneer and solid wood edging.
Recessed modesty panel.
Choice of base including metal legs or wood panels.
Wire management solutions.
Accessories include keyboard holder.
Add the crown molding option to bring your customization to the next level!


It is interesting to watch shopping trends and how they fluctuate from the types of stores that people enjoy. We have spent many years shopping at the large chain stores. In this everyone has the same look as their neighbor. However the trend has started to change back where people are shopping at local specialty stores.

The items carried at the specialty stores are unique from the rest. Each piece in the store is custom selected by the owner or a small group of people who have come to know their customers and the styles that are the most popular. This gives the customer the opportunity to select what they want with being able to customize their home with different upholstery options, accessories, and lighting that you will not find at the chain stores.

Another great trait about shopping local is the value of putting money back into the local economy.

Shopping Locally has several benefits:

  • For every $1 spent, 45 cents is put back into your local economy
  • (non-local purchases only contribute fifteen cents to your local community)
  • Helps keep more jobs in the community
  • Helps keep prices lower in the area
  • Develop a working relationship with the same staff that greet you by name and remember your styles and tastes=better value
  • More tax dollars are used for schools and roads in your community
  • Cause you to travel less and spend less money
  • Continues to maintain and/or create a distinctiveness to your town/community
  • There is a good reason that Houseworks has been in business for 25 years because it continues to provide Quality, Style and Service that customers appreciate and value