Houseworks 2016 Gift Guide

’Tis the season for gift giving… and you may be drawing some blanks. It’s so hard to come up with different gifts year after year. Don’t fret. 

Most people are aware that Houseworks is packed full of modern, quality furniture; but did you know we have a plethora of accessories ranging from decor to cooking items and many things between? Houseworks is a great place to shop for gifts. Many of our items are unique, and it shows someone you took extra effort to to make their gift special.

Here are 12 items that we think you’ll love gifting just as much as they love receiving:

HOUSEWORKS 2016 Gift Guide

  1. FRAMES IN FRONT the off-centered photo opening make these an interesting neutral piece that will surely be front and center on some decorated shelving. Various shapes come in bronze, gold and silver; $28
  2. SETTING THE BAR This contemporary lamp design is so flexible and innovative. The minimalist design traded the shade and bulky bulbs for a slim row of TINY LEDs you can turn to illuminate any direction. Available in various sizes. The Z-Bar Mini starts at $239
  3. PRO LIGHTING This light changes colors from warm to cool and an intuitive built-in touch strip allows for continuous dimming. Always needing a charger? This comes standard with a USB port, or add an optional wireless charging base to bring your smartphone back to life. Mosso Pro is available in various sizes, starting at $315
  4. COOK AT NEW HEIGHTS The Elevate Steel Carousel comes with six essential kitchen tools and the stand to store them. Each utensil features a tool rest for mess-free cooking. $100
  5. SLICE AND DICE Six knives on a rotating carousel stand will keep your countertop clutter-free and your perfect knife right at your fingertips. Each knife has a tool rest for mess-free cooking. $100
  6. SLIM FIT This cutting board set comes nested in a stainless steel case. Easy tabs indicate which type of food should be prepared on them to reduce cross-contaminations. Slide these in a slim space to keep the clutter at bay. $90
  7. POPS OF BLACK AND WHITE These items go with so many decor choices. The resin dotted black and white pear, apple and owl are the perfect fun accent to shelves, tables and countertops. Starting at $22
  8. NEWTON KNOWS BEST Have a little endless fun with the laws of physics. This one makes a good gift for the office. Newton’s Cradle, $32
  9. WOBBLE FOR THE WIN Add a little wobble motion to an otherwise still game. Concave landscape stabilizes freely quivering chest pieces, creating a lively (and beautiful) classic game. $250
  10. WINTER WONDERLAND These items will  be brought out yearly and are absolutely adorable and affordable. Made of Alpine wood, these winter wonderland critters come in a variety of colors and sizes. Prices range from $5 – $45
  11. RED DELICIOUS Cradle your favorite fruit inside this minimal, modern and colorful fruit bowl. People will love this not-so-standard design on a standard kitchen item. $42
  12. LOOP TOGETHER We love these loop items. Such an innovative way to create a stunning centerpiece. Each loops is made from one piece of wire. Use them individually or interlink them with more than one in a line. T-Loop, $28; Chrome/Copper Loop, $32
Houseworks “Designer” Wall: “Dash of Mad Men” by Pat Yacobozzi


2014-05-13_0001 2014-05-13_0002 2014-05-13_0003

Designer Wall: “Green Living” by Adam Gibson


Mindful Living: From the Outside, In

As January is whizzing by, 2014 is turning out to be like any other year: exhausting. We are constantly running from one thing to the next, and life becomes increasingly chaotic, stressful, and overwhelming.  Try as we might to control it, it throws us bumps in the road and it’s all we can do to keep our heads above water.  As a coping mechanism, we have learned to live absent-mindedly, not paying attention to what is going on inside or outside of us, and we become machines, seeing the world through habit, sacrificing the beauty and freshness of life.  To combat this mechanical existence, we must reclaim our awareness of the present moment amidst all the chaos.

Mindfulness is a state of awareness we find in the present moment to keep us grounded within our daily routines to continue to find freshness and motivation in the mundane.  Mindfulness is about easing in to the now, reflecting, slowing down, and simply being.  As studies show that mindfulness offers “reduced rumination,” “stress reduction,” “boosts to memory,” “increased focus,” “less emotional reactivity,” “more cognitive flexibility,” and “relationship satisfaction,” mindful activities such as yoga, tai chi, and meditation are becoming increasingly popular.  The Huffington Post even declared 2014 the Year of Mindful Living.  This type of focused awareness of the present moment opens up space into your life to be aware of your surroundings, and ultimately, more at peace with your life.

Mindfulness begins at home.  Our homes- the physical extensions of ourselves- say a lot about what is going on inside of us. It is important to reflect upon our surroundings and what they reveal about our inner workings: when you walk in the door after a long day, does your space remember who you are even when the world does not?  Does it give you a feeling of calm?  Does your space re-center and recharge you?  Inspire you?  Does it offer you the opportunity to stay present, exactly where you are in your life?


You deserve to reside in a place where you can fully inhabit, and be fully present, so that this outer calm will seep into your innermost self.  Begin to find this sense of peace by intentionally organizing your space: what is it that you can organize in your external space to spur changes in your inner self?  Purge what you don’t need and rearrange what you do.  Create your space to express the inner calm- and the greater version of you- to which you aspire. The new presence and peace you find in your home will seep into other areas of your life.

Life is going to continue to be messy, so find your tools to combat it. As you begin to cleanse yourself, starting at home, Houseworks is here to help you.  Find a cleaner, lighter, and more inspired space with some of our unique pieces. Come talk to one of our in store professionals about how you can customize our pieces to fit your needs.


-Copy by Amanda Steinken

What can we create for you?

Got a challenge? Bring it on!

Our design specialists can map out an Italian wall system to give you a gallery, a library, a media wall — a solution to any storage challenge.

Click here for design help.

Endless space and storage solutions are possible with our new line of modern Italian cabinetry. For instance:

WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP8 WP9 WP10 WP11 WP12 WP13 WP14 WP15

Father’s Favorite

Of course Dad cherishes the handmade cards and construction-paper ties the little ones create for him.

But wouldn’t you love to be the one who wows him with something a little more sophisticated? We’ve gathered some ideas for your particular papa here at Houseworks.


1. Show Pops some love and help him take his fierce gaming skills old school with our BonBon XOXO Game for a new take on tic-tac-toe.

2. The best gift of all this Father’s Day might be time to rest, relax, and recharge. Broken in does not mean broken down with the Comfort Recliner, and this may be the only day Dad doesn’t have to compete with the rest of the family to reserve the coziest spot in the house. The elegant take on a living room staple comes in leather, a variety of fabrics, or Ultrasuede.

3. Shine a little light on your father’s finer points with this Silva lamp. The rich wood tones and strong lines add a very masculine flair to thoroughly modern décor.

4. Encourage Dad to dream, plan, and travel with the modern Mapster. The tri-panel flat relief of the planet will showcase his love of adventure.

5. Throw a Don Draper soiree to celebrate Dad complete with slick suits, narrow ties and classy cocktails, served on the colorful Torque Coaster Set.



1. Kitchen utensils don’t have to be quaint. This silver and black utensil caddy looks more artful than practical, but rest assured, Dad will work his culinary magic in style.

2. An iPad in the kitchen calls for an iSpoon for the chef. The custom handle allows him to consult his cooking apps without leaving messy fingerprints all over the screen.

3. Uncompromising taste in vino calls for our Napa Wine Rack. The contemporary design is perfect for your elegant wine connoisseur.

4. Black with a hint of color is a stylish combo for a man’s wardrobe, and it works in the kitchen as well. Joseph Joseph goes high-fashion with this knife set.

5. Whether he prefers to carry out or create his own when it comes to pizza, this colorful cutter is razor sharp and never wobbly, so he’ll serve up perfect slices every time.


1. Wall and blotter calendars fall absolutely flat next to the sculptural essence of the Perpetual Calendar. A unique dad deserves a unique way to mark the passage of time.

2. Add a little fun to his coffee break with a genuine Scrabble mug. Choose “D” for Dad, or select his first initial, complete with point value.

3. Save Dad the trouble of always searching for an adapter and an available outlet when his phone dies. The sleek Pixo desk lamp features a USB port for charging his phone, iPod and other electronics.

4. The Skyline Office Board can double as a cool place to keep crucial items on Dad’s to-do list or a piece of contemporary art when the work’s all done.

5. Turn his book collection into décor with the stronger-than-it-looks Conceal L shelf. He’ll be amazed by the gravity-defying design and the space he’ll gain without bulky shelving units.


Gifts That Shine

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Come in for a test drive!

With gorgeous lines and precision tuning, Comfort Recliner™ is the BMW of seating. It brings on relaxation so fast, you’ll never sit anywhere else. Ten reasons why you can only truly relax in a Comfort Recliner from Houseworks:

Size matters


Goldilocks knew one size did not fit all. Test drive Comfort Recliner’s three sizes for your ideal fit; they all come with the Infinity System, a unique weight-balanced mechanism that allows for infinite back-reclining positions.

It’s a gas


The unique, gas-assisted footrest allows for smooth, infinite adjustment by gently pulling the Comfort Release.

It suits you

Your car seat adjusts, why shouldn’t your chair? Comfort Recliner has hidden tension knobs, easily accessible beneath the chair, to fine tune resistance in the back recline.

You’re in control….


The back recline and footrest in the Comfort Recliner are fully independent of each other, giving you complete control.

…when you’re in the driver’s seat


The contoured shell back envelopes you for added comfort while showcasing a clean, tailored look.

You’ll step on the gas…


Comfort Recliner’s extra-long footrest extension with chaise ottoman eliminates gaps and provides complete leg support, no matter how tall you are.

…to get ahead.


The headrest pillow can be raised for complete head and neck support and you can articulate it forward to watch TV.

Ride low or sit tall.

Comfort Recliner’s proprietary, height-adjustable swivel base allows you to set your chair at the height that fits you best, five turns = 1 inch.

Check out all the options


Choose from leathers and designer prints, family and pet-friendly fabric and the popular Ultrasuede®. Bases vary, too: Pick from wood, metal or upholstered bases and wood legs in Acorn, Espresso and Walnut finishes.

You’ll win in the future… and when you order now

There’s even a 10-year warranty on the internal mechanism and a lifetime frame warranty. We’re so comfy recommending the Comfort Recliner—and lounging in it—that Houseworks will give you $200 off through June 16. Don’t Mom, Dad and your furniture-poor grad deserve a quality winner like this?

Affordable, stylish and worry-free

We know that many of our customers are looking for sustainable furniture that’s certified free from toxins and irresponsible practices. And that what you sit on should be nothing short of fabulous! That’s why we love this new collection of eco-friendly, Old-World-Style-meets-MidCentury Modern sofas and chairs.


Designer Carl Gustafson scopes out flea markets for vintage finds, then updates their comfort, colors and proportions for modern living spaces. When you add pieces like the Swivelette chair and the Arcadia sofa you’ll:

  • Thumb your nose at Big Oil. Clever pieces like the Arcadia contain foam created from soy-based BiOH polyols that leave a smaller environmental footprint than the petroleum materials they replace.
  • Breathe easier. Sustainable upholstery meets globally uniform standards for the safe use of chemicals to guard your indoor air quality.
  • Give trees a hug. Carl’s pieces use certified wood from U.S. manufacturers that follow sustainable forestry practices.


This green line of upholstered seating is approved by the Sustainable Furnishings Council. But let’s get to the fun part: Houseworks’ design consultants will help you choose from 88 fabrics to create sofa and chair combinations that will rock your world.  So hurry in. Check out our in-store models, and their very friendly price tags. Then order from Carl Gustafson’s entire line.

Watch this space for more eco-friendly Houseworks home furnishings to enhance your mean green lifestyle.

Comfort Sleeper: No bars, no springs, no sagging


On Sale through May 5th — Save $200
on any Comfort Sleeper!

No bars, no springs, no sagging.


The Comfort Sleeper™ is not only a gorgeous piece of furniture, it’s the only sleeper with the Tiffany 24/7™ Sleep System. The patented mechanism opens and closes almost effortlessly, with solid platforms that provide even support with no bars, no springs, and no sagging.

See all of our Comfort Sleepers >

More size options than any other sleeper.

Choose the Comfort Sleeper™ that fits your living space. Every Comfort Sleeper is available in King, Queen Plus, Queen, Full, Twin, Cot and Double Cot.

Available with 3 amazing mattress options.

ComfortSleeperTempur-Pedic®, world-renowned.
Gel, a little on the softer side.
Premier, a little on the firmer side.

More sleep space requires less floor space. 

All of our mattresses offer a full 80 inches of sleeping surface, yet they take up less total floor area than conventional sleepers (whose mattresses are only 70-75 inches in length) because our patented sleep system extends from within the seat back of the sofa.

Small space? Narrow hallways? No problem.


We make Comfort Sleepers to fit the smallest apartments, condos and cottages. Your authorized Comfort Sleeper dealer easily can disassemble your sleeper to get it through tight entries. Perfect for converting any room into a guest room, queen-size Comfort Sleepers come as small as 69 inches wide. The unique design also fits through narrow hallways and doorways.

Dust barrier prevents dirt or dust from every touching the mattress.

The  Comfort Sleeper is protected by a cloth under shield. When guests arrive, your Comfort Sleeper mattress will fold out without any dust bunnies clinging to the mechanism. They’ll never experience a cleaner sleep. (Not available on Brynlee and Hannah as the mattresses on these styles are not near the floor.)

An enduring value.

American Leather builds furniture that provides years of trouble-free service. And should something go wrong, your Comfort Sleeper mechanism is warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for three years.

Choose leather, fabric, Ultrasuede or Crypton.

Never compromise on style with a choice of coverings. See our selection here.