Happy Friday, folks!

As you know, we sell some beautiful and sleek furniture pieces… but we have a pretty beefed up assortment of kitchen gadgets too. So today, we bring to you just a small taste of a few of our favorite things. And we’re all about decluttering the counters, saving space and showing you function that still looks good. Pretty tools = pretty food. Right? Either way, enjoy!


HOUSEWORKS + Kitchen Gadgets + Indianapolis

  1. Magnetic Attraction. This utensil set has some real sex appeal. The handles are magnetic and stick together with the help of its sleek little stand. Definitely a space saver that won’t have you fumbling for a spoon in the heat of the moment!  Nest Utensils Plus by Joseph Joseph, $28
  2. The Spice of Life. We’ve seen them. Fancy spice carousels with 100 spices, and you only use 6% of them. Put your most used and beloved spices where they’re easy to grab. No spinning necessary.  Cylindra Spice Rack by Umbra, $15
  3. Style Mashup. A good portion of us probably use our tablets more than our Grandma’s Cookbook. Well, now there is a solution to those buttery smudges on the screen. A stylus and a spoon in one? Doesn’t get much more convenient than that!  iSpoon Kitchen Stylus by Umbra, $7
  4. Office Kitchen Files. Yes. It really does look like file storage; however, it’s just a really compact way to keep your cutting boards separate and for their intended purpose. No germy crossovers in our kitchens!  Index Chopping Boards by Joseph Joseph, $68
  5. Home Slice. Meet Pizza Night’s best friend, Scoot. This functional cutter eliminated the space-wasting handle for a more functional handheld device. It really is quite nice! Scoot Pizza Cutter by Joseph Joseph, $18
  6. Beauty Baggin’ It. We’re a little over the moon for these convenient boxes. They keep the wet and dry items separate and on different levels. When finished, it conveniently nests inside each other to toss back into your workbag. It’s great for adults, kids and your lunch budget. We also carry other on-the-go boxes for soups, salads and more if that’s more your thing!  Go Eat Space Saving Lunch Box by Joseph Joseph, $18
  7. Measure up. I don’t know about you, but I am so over those rings of measuring spoons and cups. They’re not convenient and they’re clunky. We’re thankful for these babies right here. The most common measurements at your chic little fingertips. Measuring Cup Set, $10.50 and Dash 4-in-1 Measuring Spoon, $8.40 by Umbra
  8. Tick Tock. We love these classic 55 minute timers. They’re magnetic and they come in multiple colors. Use them for cooking or to time time-outs for your sassy 5-year-old. Either way… it sure is pretty and convenient.  Magnetic Timer by Kikkerland, $16