’Tis the season for gift giving… and you may be drawing some blanks. It’s so hard to come up with different gifts year after year. Don’t fret. 

Most people are aware that Houseworks is packed full of modern, quality furniture; but did you know we have a plethora of accessories ranging from decor to cooking items and many things between? Houseworks is a great place to shop for gifts. Many of our items are unique, and it shows someone you took extra effort to to make their gift special.

Here are 12 items that we think you’ll love gifting just as much as they love receiving:

HOUSEWORKS 2016 Gift Guide

  1. FRAMES IN FRONT the off-centered photo opening make these an interesting neutral piece that will surely be front and center on some decorated shelving. Various shapes come in bronze, gold and silver; $28
  2. SETTING THE BAR This contemporary lamp design is so flexible and innovative. The minimalist design traded the shade and bulky bulbs for a slim row of TINY LEDs you can turn to illuminate any direction. Available in various sizes. The Z-Bar Mini starts at $239
  3. PRO LIGHTING This light changes colors from warm to cool and an intuitive built-in touch strip allows for continuous dimming. Always needing a charger? This comes standard with a USB port, or add an optional wireless charging base to bring your smartphone back to life. Mosso Pro is available in various sizes, starting at $315
  4. COOK AT NEW HEIGHTS The Elevate Steel Carousel comes with six essential kitchen tools and the stand to store them. Each utensil features a tool rest for mess-free cooking. $100
  5. SLICE AND DICE Six knives on a rotating carousel stand will keep your countertop clutter-free and your perfect knife right at your fingertips. Each knife has a tool rest for mess-free cooking. $100
  6. SLIM FIT This cutting board set comes nested in a stainless steel case. Easy tabs indicate which type of food should be prepared on them to reduce cross-contaminations. Slide these in a slim space to keep the clutter at bay. $90
  7. POPS OF BLACK AND WHITE These items go with so many decor choices. The resin dotted black and white pear, apple and owl are the perfect fun accent to shelves, tables and countertops. Starting at $22
  8. NEWTON KNOWS BEST Have a little endless fun with the laws of physics. This one makes a good gift for the office. Newton’s Cradle, $32
  9. WOBBLE FOR THE WIN Add a little wobble motion to an otherwise still game. Concave landscape stabilizes freely quivering chest pieces, creating a lively (and beautiful) classic game. $250
  10. WINTER WONDERLAND These items will  be brought out yearly and are absolutely adorable and affordable. Made of Alpine wood, these winter wonderland critters come in a variety of colors and sizes. Prices range from $5 – $45
  11. RED DELICIOUS Cradle your favorite fruit inside this minimal, modern and colorful fruit bowl. People will love this not-so-standard design on a standard kitchen item. $42
  12. LOOP TOGETHER We love these loop items. Such an innovative way to create a stunning centerpiece. Each loops is made from one piece of wire. Use them individually or interlink them with more than one in a line. T-Loop, $28; Chrome/Copper Loop, $32