Dimensions – 9”W x 18.5”H x 3”D – 22.5” arm reach
Solid walnut body, aluminum arms, polymer shade
Wood grain will vary
Full arm and light head articulation
Energy efficient LED light source
Fully dimmable with No flicker
Light output – 265 lumens
Light color – 3000° K (warm)
Color accuracy – 82 CRI
Power usage – 6.3 Watts
Input voltage – 12V DC (adapter included)
Hardwired and corded versions available
Hardwired model includes an external power adapter (3.35” x 1.6” .875”)


left and right side available

hardwired or cord available

Necessity is the mother of invention, and in
this case illuminated activities in bed need
highly controlled light – provided here without
compromise, while still delivering a simple,
clean wall sconce with ambient light. All in
one fixture! It leaves your nightstand clutter
free – now that is modern.

Nick Sheridan