Dimensions – 16” x 10” – 3.25” deep
Walnut, Aluminum, light diffusing polymer
Static scone light + swing arm w/ rotating head light
Energy efficient LED light sources
Fully dimmable static sconce light with
Automatic ON/OFF swing arm light source
Light output –
Static sconce source – 350 lumens
Swing arm source – 160 lumens
Light color – 2700° K (warm)
Color accuracy – 85 CRI
Power usage – 8 Watts
Input voltage – 12V DC (adapter included)


left and right side available

hardwired or cord available
The goal for the Levo was to create a bedside wall fixture with great task lighting articulation that was intuitive enough to be used without prior knowledge of the fixture – all the while making it slender, sexy, and very robust.

Nick Sheridan