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If you want an instant “Ahhhh” feeling every time you lay down, try sleeping on a Rejuvigel 3 cool gel memory foam mattress. With soft visco foam strategically infused with reinforcing gel waves, this memory foam mattress provides the perfect combination of cushioned comfort and enhanced support.

Height: 13″
Viscosity: Medium Plush Resilient

Sizes Available:
●  Twin
●  TwinXL
●  Full
●  Queen
●  King
●  CalKing

●  13″ Thickness / Medium Plush Resilient Viscosity
●  Innovate dual-wave gel technology
●  Gently envelops you in soft comfort
●  Medium Firm feel with responsive cushioning
●  Contours to body movements as you relax
●  No motion transfer
●  Peak pressure-point relief
●  Improved air circulation