Gamma Furniture

Every great story starts with a shared vision of objectives, mutual trust and the coming together of different professions. This is precisely what happened in 1974, when Gabriele Ghetti and Carla Bottiā€™s friendship and shared passion for furniture led them to create Gamma Arredamenti, each bringing their own expertise and experience to the table to head down the same path and embark on a new adventure together. Because the best challenges are the ones faced, and overcome, together. Starting out as a small sofa manufacturing firm, we laid the foundations for the future, first setting ourselves with a challenge, one the world turn out to be our success: to aim for the medium / high-end segment of the international market. From that point forward, we kept all Gamma production in the Forli plant. This is the only way that we can ensure continuous control over the quality of our products, thanks to the creativity, expertise, and skills of our designers and craftsmen.

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