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We are Laurier Bedding, master mattress maker since 1938, we have been designing for three generations mattresses without compromise of quality, constantly using raw materials that provide each customer a level of comfort. Now we’re introducing our newest collection, The Harlequin adjustable mattress collection, this new philosophy was born a few years ago, which is revolutionary in our industry. Like thousands of customers satisfied with this technological discovery, you too can discover a new way of sleeping. Experience the Zero Gravity sensation!


  • There are three models of Harlequin adjustable mattresses; Malia, Thaia, and Pierrot.
  • The mechanism is built into the mattresses.
  • Malia is available in latex Talalay (semi-firm), ventilated microgel (plush), or as a dual comfort mattress with both latex and gel. Dual Comfort allows each partner to choose their preference.
  • Thaia is also available in Talalay latex (firm), microgel (semi-firm), or as a dual comfort mattress.
  • Pierrot combines ventilated nano latex, plush Talalay and high resilience foam to provide premium comfort. This model is not available as a dual comfort mattress.
  • Covers are removable for dry cleaning and are made of a special Harlequin Cooler fabric that is an Ultra High Moisture Wicking material.
  • Adjustable Mattresses are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen and king sizes.
  • There is a 10-year warranty on the adjustable mattress, 2-year warranty on the motors and 1 year on the controls