With the majority of adults experiencing some sort of pain on a regular basis, the Magnistretch collection is great to offer support. The orthopedic team of physicians that designed the Magnistretch had one goal in mind: to gently decompress your spine while you sleep.

The pressure exerted from your body weight actually causes the top layer of the Magnistretch support foam to move horizontally outward from both the head and foot areas.

The result of this outward movement keeps subtle traction on your spinal cord throughout the night – so subtle that back pain relief can come in a matter of days or weeks later.

The proven results of the Magnistretch testing got the approval of the American Chiropractic Association. The decompression of your spine helps reduce back and neck pain through improved blood flow and disc rehydration– and can even slowly improve poor posture

Total Height: 12″

Available in Queen and King size